Empty backpack

One of the goals of hypnosis is, among other things, to empty your emotional backpack and re-evaluate what still belongs to you, so that you have less or no trouble with it in the future. But what if you have nothing left in your backpack, everything has already been re-evaluated and evaluated? What does that say about you?

Today a woman came to me for a hypnosis session. She came to me because she heard about my way of working. Of course, we discussed things in the pre-talk and she said that she had already processed a lot, but you never know. For all you know, something may have stayed in the corner of your big toe, right? You never know.

And that’s exactly the power of my sessions; all painful issues are detected and transformed without you having to say a word…

 You will work with unpleasant experiences without having to be ashamed of everything you have experienced. Because you don’t have to say anything, it stays private. My role is to guide you in this, to check if you are relaxed enough, and if you still feel comfortable.

Well, the first phase of her treatment, relaxation, was a piece of cake. She could relax very well and followed my instructions very well, which brought her into the right “flow”. She went so fast, with so much pleasure and trust that I thought she closed her eyes to please me.

In the second phase, in which the change work takes place, you are expected to look for experiences that have made a deep impression so that you can transform, re-evaluate and/or evaluate them. However, this beautiful woman could not find anything sad. Not! She had only known beautiful moments, how wonderful is that?

Before I asked the questions, she gave the answer. She was so far in her development that we were finished with a treatment that normally takes two to three hours within an hour and a half. After the treatment, we always talk a little more. And she told me that she has been working on herself for seventeen years (in all areas). That also turned out during the treatment.

Relaxed? No problem at all. During the treatment, there was nothing to clean up. How beautiful is that? Developing yourself and at the same time emptying your backpack? Of course, I know it’s supposed to be like this but how many of us really succeed? How lovely is it to live without baggage and to have this confirmed during such a session?

Hypnosis is not only healing, sometimes it’s complementary and confirming…